Monday, June 1, 2009

Uncle Moes Shawarma Hub- Citigolf Plaza, Julia Vargas, Ortigas

The Shawarma craze came to this country decades ago, almost every street has its own Shawarma stall, serving mostly beef shawarma.  A lot of these places already closed down and there are but a number of good shawarma places left like Shawarma Snack Center, Cafe Mediterranean, etc etc.. 
Theres this place in Citi golf plaza that i have been rea
ding on several blogs that serves good shawarma so we just have to try it out.
Located in one end of the complex. It has both alfresco and airconditioned dining areas. Service was quick and friendly

Mix Kebab(P150)

Cody: Freshly grilled upon order, the meat very very juicy, evident in the meat juices on the plate even before slicing it. The seasoning was also perfect. Good with rice or pita. Ordered two pitas here. Comes with freshly made salsa

Elle: The meat was very tasty and soft.  The chicken was also very good.  

Chicken Shawarma(P90)

Cody: One of the best if not the best Chicken Shawarma in the country. Worth every peso, its packed with juicy chicken pieces and freshly chopped veggies. Add a splash of garlic yogurt sauce and chili sauce and sit back and enjoy this fantastic shawarma

Elle: Delish!!! This had lots of chunky meat pieces and a healthy serving of vegetables.  The chicken was chewy but not gummy.  Perfectly roasted without burning the outer meat. 

 WE highly recommend the Chicken Shawarma..... really really yummy

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