Monday, June 8, 2009

Pancake house

Pancake house been with us since 1970, it was the first place to serve pancake  and waffles all day everyday(you know!, hehe).  We always remember the decors of this place having posters of different movies. We already ate dinner and wanted dessert only, so we went to pancake house to try their dessert offerings.
Strawberry MIlk Shake

Elle: cold and creamy strawberry flavoured milk shake. Wasn't too thick so it wasnt difficult to sip. Refreshing
Cody: Runny, milkshake, not really one of the better milkshakes i have tried.  I hope they would improve in this category

Waffle with ice cream

Elle: The waffle was crunchy but a bit to bland.  The ice cream complimented the waffle.
Cody: THe serving size was huge, the Waffle was crunchy, but i would have like it more if the middle was still moist. However it was still a good dessert.:)


  1. my absolute favorite in pancake house is their pinoy breakfast meals especially their boneless bangus! yum!

  2. oh and i might add that their brewed coffee is delicious!