Saturday, April 9, 2011

Chef Jessie - Rockwell

We have always love the Le Souffle group of restaurants and the other restaurants that were inspired by Le Souffle e.g. Florabel, Chef Quarters, Duo, Old Vine etc etc.. Billy King first departed the group, he is still one of the finer chefs in the country.. With his departure. Chef Jessie Sincioco had to step up to manage the kitchen operations of the Le Souffle group. We dont know what exactly happened to Le Souffle, but we are happy that Chef Jessie still runs the newly named restaurant. And upon hearing that the place now offers weekend brunch. We just have to try it.. knowing the standard of Chef Jessie, it must be good... hahahaha

Elle: Look at the PRAAAAWNSSSS!!!! Need I say more?? The prawns were perfectly cooked and the sauce was thick enough to coat each prawn and tangy enough to balance the sweetness of the prawn. I loved the raspberry salad dressing which was a great choice over the usual salad dressings. Of course the caviar pie was unforgettable!

I did not like the drinks they served because they were watered down and really did not do anything to add to the entire spread. I am not really an egg fan but I loved the eggs benedict! The bread was a bit crispy on the outside contrasting well with the very soft/ raw egg yolk. Other finger foods like the different quiches and the bite size pancakes were just ok.

I will probably never forget the brightness and freshness of all the fruits served with the muesli. The colors were just too appetizing! I can not even remember how many times I went back get fruits! The freshest fruits really make a difference! I was not able to taste the profiteroles but I was not too keen on the desserts. I found the chocolate cake very rich and thick that I had a difficult time swallowing it although it tasted ok.

Cody: I was giddy with delight when we were on the way to Chef Jessie. Stepping into the Amorsolo Building.. my appetite was already in high gear.

The first plate I got was at the appetizer station and you can see the quality that you get. Caviar pie, Prawn salad, tossed salad with raspberry vinaigrette and creamy balsamic vinaigrette .

The eggs benedict was very good, the do it differently by baking the hollandaise sauce giving it a nice texture and rich goodness that you will just keep on eating and eating. The Chcken ala kig was just okay

The garlic rice was fried perfectly without being over garlicky, the beef cbes were very tender and marinated beautifully, the omelletes were just okay. The tiny quiches were a delight to eat.:)

The pancakes and bacon were good, and I like that the size of the pancakes were small and still fluffy.

The roast beef was the star of the show.. tender and juicy, cooked perfectly medium well, with the cute pandesal.. I hope my brunch can be like this everyday.

The drinks were a let down. and the desserts were so-so

But we would still return here once in a while, overall experience was great:)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Fleur De Lys - Tomas Morato

We always thought that the best dessert place in Quezon City is this little shop in Tomas Morato named Fleur de Lys. they have a lot of cakes.. mini ones and big ones and they also have coffee, tea and chocolate drinks.

Mango Waffle

Elle: Disappointing... I was expecting a fluffier, lighter, crispier and satisfying waffle knowing that this establishment is known for its desserts. Okay, maybe waffle is considered breakfast food but still...I was expecting something great. The waffle was soggy, heavy and had the after taste of flour and baking soda or powder (whichever one it was). It was made even soggier by the ice cream.

Cody: Well, i think ordering a waffle instead of a cake(which is what they are known for) was a mistake. Its was nice that the mangoes were ripe and not sour, the caramel sauce was also not overly sweet.. but the waffle itself was spongy and has no crispy exterior which was what i was looking for. the ice cream was store bought. I wish they would make their own.
We will stick to their cakes:)