Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cold Spoon -Fil-Am Friendship Highway, Clark Field Pampanga

Before the yogurt craze here in the city,  there was this little place in Pampanga that started it all..  Opened by a Korean based in ClarkField. This place has been serving frozen yogurt since early last year. And it is still one of the best of not the best frozen yogurt place here in the country 
IT is housed in an igloo shaped establisment...cute..right? Parking is not a problem here. 
Yuo can order the yogurt in different sizes but there i only one variant... no green tea here, no chocolate, no vanilla. no strawerry. Just plain good frozen yogurt.

Elle: YUMMMMMEEEEEE!!!! There was a balance between tanginess and sweetness. It was very creamy.

Cody:  Personally, their yogurt is still the best. Creamy, dense with the right amount of sweetness.  What i don't like is that they don't serve it with fresh fruits..  but it was nice of them to put the supposedly topping in a separate container so that they can give you more:)

Try this place out whenever your in the area.


  1. thanks for the visit! keep blogging : )

  2. i like frozen yogurt.
    we've tried red mango several times and yoh-gurt froz with fresh fruit toppings, yummy!