Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ristorante Al Bacio Italiano - Fields Ave, ClarkField, Angeles City Pampanga

This italian restaurant is the newest addtion to the number of italian restaurant along Field Ave. You have Salvatorre(the old reliable) and C Italian Dining (which is arguably the best italian restuarant here in the country, to be posted next). We were on our way hoem when we decided to take home a pixza form this place
Funny pizza box....:)

Seafood pizza. Topped with calamari rings, mussels, Tuna chunks and chopped prawns. P390
Cody: Once the box was opened, you can smell the pizza... I love the way it looks. The contrasting colors of the tomato sauce, the cheese, the seafood..... it was like a pretty picture. But upon biting on the first slice... the crust was a tad too thick... for an italian pizza. The amount of seafood was adequate except for the fact that calamari rings predominate. i would rather there have more shrimp. The crust was a real downer. I hope they could improve on this aspect as the crust is the most important part of the pizza....

Elle: I pretty much agree with Cody. The pizza was eaten at home, which was probably 2 hours from where it was bought. but it still smelled fresh from the oven. The aroma was that of a blend of cheeses, tomato sauce and loads of seafood. it really smelled fantastic- it was uplifting. i was anticipating biting into a piece of thin and crispy yet gummy pizza crust. However it was really thick-deceiving cause it seemed like the crust was thin. it was still good in a way. I mean the taste of seafood and the aroma of a woodfire oven only slightly redeemed the crust.

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  1. the pizza looks good but i prefer my pizza with meat, not much of a seafood eater. allergies prevents me from being one.

    have an award for you, please grab it at my blog, thanks.