Thursday, June 4, 2009

EL POLLO LOCO - SM Mall of Asia

Remember those yellow chickens grilling side by side , looking oh so delicious. In SM megamall Well, we haven’t eaten it for a long time now, and its about time to try it again and see if it still taste the same
This branch in Mall of Asia was still busy even on a weekday dinner.  Place was bright, and very cold.. hehe

2 piece Chicken meal with pita bread. We always order their chicken with pita bread:) 

And this is how we eat it, we debone everything first, 
 fill up a pita bread with their fresh salsa

Cody:  Crispy thin skin, moist juicy meat, perfectly seasoned, comes with fresh salsa. What more can you ask for. A healthier alternative to the more common fried chicken. I suggest you eat here more often if u can. Not being fried didn’t compromise the taste. It is still yummy.

Elle: Haven’t had Pollo Loco in ages but the first bite brought me back to childhood.  The chicken meat was very tender and it was easily removed from the bones.  Taste was simple and yet was very tasty.  The pita was amazing.  It was a bit chewy and it reminded me of roti. 

This is comfort food:)


  1. i love their chicken, at least it's quite different from the fastfood type. :)

  2. Pollo Loco! I haven't eaten this for ages...and now I'm missing it!