Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ristorante Al Bacio Italiano - Fields Ave, ClarkField, Angeles City Pampanga

This italian restaurant is the newest addtion to the number of italian restaurant along Field Ave. You have Salvatorre(the old reliable) and C Italian Dining (which is arguably the best italian restuarant here in the country, to be posted next). We were on our way hoem when we decided to take home a pixza form this place
Funny pizza box....:)

Seafood pizza. Topped with calamari rings, mussels, Tuna chunks and chopped prawns. P390
Cody: Once the box was opened, you can smell the pizza... I love the way it looks. The contrasting colors of the tomato sauce, the cheese, the seafood..... it was like a pretty picture. But upon biting on the first slice... the crust was a tad too thick... for an italian pizza. The amount of seafood was adequate except for the fact that calamari rings predominate. i would rather there have more shrimp. The crust was a real downer. I hope they could improve on this aspect as the crust is the most important part of the pizza....

Elle: I pretty much agree with Cody. The pizza was eaten at home, which was probably 2 hours from where it was bought. but it still smelled fresh from the oven. The aroma was that of a blend of cheeses, tomato sauce and loads of seafood. it really smelled fantastic- it was uplifting. i was anticipating biting into a piece of thin and crispy yet gummy pizza crust. However it was really thick-deceiving cause it seemed like the crust was thin. it was still good in a way. I mean the taste of seafood and the aroma of a woodfire oven only slightly redeemed the crust.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Mexican Chicken - Fil Am Friendship Rd. Clarkfield Pampanga

ClarkField..Angeles...Pampanga... houses a lot f restos from different places in the planet. There are mexican, japanese, korean, italian, thai, filipino, cajun/creole, ecc etc.. so food trips here are really fun.
While driving around, we chanced upon this interesting looking resto with a interesting name..

We were suprised.. because we were thinking that we are going into a mexican restaurant specializing in chicken... lo and behold, this is a korean restaurant:) Open form 4pm to 4am, this place is said to be more of a drinking place.
The moment you seated you are given this free pica-pica food.

The menu is posted up on the wall

WE ordered their house specialty, the Fried Chicken said to be fried in special Korean Cooking Pil. Half order for P300 comes with a red sauce

Elle: The chicken was slightly battered, well-seasoned and was very crispy. The meat was tender and not oily. The dipping sauce was both sweet and spicy and gave it its Korean flavor

Cody: This is how fried chicken should be, no oily feel, no oily taste. Chicken skin fried to a crisp. The meat, hot moist and perfectly

There are a number of korean restaurants in manila that serves this kind of fried chicken.. we willvtry it out and tell you guys about it, for the meantime, if ever you are in the area, try this one out...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Siam House - Fileds Ave, Clark Field Pampanga

Thai Ice Tea

Elle: Their tea had  bits or specks of black, brownish  material in the bottom.  Most likely from the leaves they use in making tea.  It looked a bit scary but nevertheless it was still good. Asian version of tea latte-not to sweet and still tastes like tea regardless of the coconut milk. 

Cody: I love thai ice tea. It refreshing at the same time rich and creamy….and this version is very very good. Packs lots of taste unlike some anemic thai ice iteas in other restos here in manila. Be sure to mix very well:)

Tom Yum

Elle- Delicious, sweet, sour, spicy soup with lots of cilantro.  It was both refreshing and satisfying.  The soup tasted fresh because of the lemongrass and cilantro and at the same time it was rich because of the coconut milk.  The coconut milk did not make it taste like guinataan (as always when it comes to Thai dishes and drinks)...which is a relief. 

Cody: one of the better versions of Tom Yum soup. Loaded with shrimps and mushroom. I like how they added a splash of coconut milk(which other restos don’t do). It has the right amount of Spice, and tanginess.. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cold Spoon -Fil-Am Friendship Highway, Clark Field Pampanga

Before the yogurt craze here in the city,  there was this little place in Pampanga that started it all..  Opened by a Korean based in ClarkField. This place has been serving frozen yogurt since early last year. And it is still one of the best of not the best frozen yogurt place here in the country 
IT is housed in an igloo shaped establisment...cute..right? Parking is not a problem here. 
Yuo can order the yogurt in different sizes but there i only one variant... no green tea here, no chocolate, no vanilla. no strawerry. Just plain good frozen yogurt.

Elle: YUMMMMMEEEEEE!!!! There was a balance between tanginess and sweetness. It was very creamy.

Cody:  Personally, their yogurt is still the best. Creamy, dense with the right amount of sweetness.  What i don't like is that they don't serve it with fresh fruits..  but it was nice of them to put the supposedly topping in a separate container so that they can give you more:)

Try this place out whenever your in the area.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bugsy's Bistro - Citygolf Plaza, J. Vargas Ortigas

Citygolf Plaza Ortigas, houses not only a driving range and a golf apparel/equipment stuff, it also houses a lot of restaurants. Which includes the first branch of Barcino, Razons, Brooklyn Pizza, Dominos Pizza, etc etc...
But we have been reading about a bar here that serves good food and reasonably priced drinks.
Place is quit homey, the interiors are done in wood, very cool. Waiters are attentive and food are served hot and fast. now for the famous appetizer...

Buffalo Chicken Tenders P195

Cody: Heard a lot of good things about the chicken tenders here, that we just have to try it and we did. This was the only dish we ordered and it was all worth it.  Crispy skin even when it was sauced with the spicy tangy buffalo wing sauce.  The meat was tender and moist inside.  A blue cheese sauce would have been perfect but they served sour cream which was also a good accompaniment to the chicken.

Elle: VERY yummy chicken tenders!!! Skin was very crispy, you could hear it snap and break into pieces and the meat was very soft.  The sauce that the chicken was cooked in was sour yet delicious.  It complimented the crispiness of the chicken.  If it had been sweet it would not have been as good. 

Definitely one of the must order appetizers here in the Ortigas area.  Very nicely done…..

Monday, June 8, 2009

Pancake house

Pancake house been with us since 1970, it was the first place to serve pancake  and waffles all day everyday(you know!, hehe).  We always remember the decors of this place having posters of different movies. We already ate dinner and wanted dessert only, so we went to pancake house to try their dessert offerings.
Strawberry MIlk Shake

Elle: cold and creamy strawberry flavoured milk shake. Wasn't too thick so it wasnt difficult to sip. Refreshing
Cody: Runny, milkshake, not really one of the better milkshakes i have tried.  I hope they would improve in this category

Waffle with ice cream

Elle: The waffle was crunchy but a bit to bland.  The ice cream complimented the waffle.
Cody: THe serving size was huge, the Waffle was crunchy, but i would have like it more if the middle was still moist. However it was still a good dessert.:)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

EL POLLO LOCO - SM Mall of Asia

Remember those yellow chickens grilling side by side , looking oh so delicious. In SM megamall Well, we haven’t eaten it for a long time now, and its about time to try it again and see if it still taste the same
This branch in Mall of Asia was still busy even on a weekday dinner.  Place was bright, and very cold.. hehe

2 piece Chicken meal with pita bread. We always order their chicken with pita bread:) 

And this is how we eat it, we debone everything first, 
 fill up a pita bread with their fresh salsa

Cody:  Crispy thin skin, moist juicy meat, perfectly seasoned, comes with fresh salsa. What more can you ask for. A healthier alternative to the more common fried chicken. I suggest you eat here more often if u can. Not being fried didn’t compromise the taste. It is still yummy.

Elle: Haven’t had Pollo Loco in ages but the first bite brought me back to childhood.  The chicken meat was very tender and it was easily removed from the bones.  Taste was simple and yet was very tasty.  The pita was amazing.  It was a bit chewy and it reminded me of roti. 

This is comfort food:)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Uncle Moes Shawarma Hub- Citigolf Plaza, Julia Vargas, Ortigas

The Shawarma craze came to this country decades ago, almost every street has its own Shawarma stall, serving mostly beef shawarma.  A lot of these places already closed down and there are but a number of good shawarma places left like Shawarma Snack Center, Cafe Mediterranean, etc etc.. 
Theres this place in Citi golf plaza that i have been rea
ding on several blogs that serves good shawarma so we just have to try it out.
Located in one end of the complex. It has both alfresco and airconditioned dining areas. Service was quick and friendly

Mix Kebab(P150)

Cody: Freshly grilled upon order, the meat very very juicy, evident in the meat juices on the plate even before slicing it. The seasoning was also perfect. Good with rice or pita. Ordered two pitas here. Comes with freshly made salsa

Elle: The meat was very tasty and soft.  The chicken was also very good.  

Chicken Shawarma(P90)

Cody: One of the best if not the best Chicken Shawarma in the country. Worth every peso, its packed with juicy chicken pieces and freshly chopped veggies. Add a splash of garlic yogurt sauce and chili sauce and sit back and enjoy this fantastic shawarma

Elle: Delish!!! This had lots of chunky meat pieces and a healthy serving of vegetables.  The chicken was chewy but not gummy.  Perfectly roasted without burning the outer meat. 

 WE highly recommend the Chicken Shawarma..... really really yummy