Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bugsy's Bistro - Citygolf Plaza, J. Vargas Ortigas

Citygolf Plaza Ortigas, houses not only a driving range and a golf apparel/equipment stuff, it also houses a lot of restaurants. Which includes the first branch of Barcino, Razons, Brooklyn Pizza, Dominos Pizza, etc etc...
But we have been reading about a bar here that serves good food and reasonably priced drinks.
Place is quit homey, the interiors are done in wood, very cool. Waiters are attentive and food are served hot and fast. now for the famous appetizer...

Buffalo Chicken Tenders P195

Cody: Heard a lot of good things about the chicken tenders here, that we just have to try it and we did. This was the only dish we ordered and it was all worth it.  Crispy skin even when it was sauced with the spicy tangy buffalo wing sauce.  The meat was tender and moist inside.  A blue cheese sauce would have been perfect but they served sour cream which was also a good accompaniment to the chicken.

Elle: VERY yummy chicken tenders!!! Skin was very crispy, you could hear it snap and break into pieces and the meat was very soft.  The sauce that the chicken was cooked in was sour yet delicious.  It complimented the crispiness of the chicken.  If it had been sweet it would not have been as good. 

Definitely one of the must order appetizers here in the Ortigas area.  Very nicely done…..


  1. buffalo chicken tenders is a new twist. gonna ask my wife to try and cook it :)

    nice site you got here. im gonna put this in my google reader and thanks for visiting my blog as well :)

  2. that looks mouthwatering! thanks for the tip!