Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Crustasia - Powerplant mall, Rockwell

Red Crab as been around since the late 90s, bringing in crab dishes cooked in a lot of ways. Later on having branches in different cities in Metro Manila. The Red crab group then decided to open new concept restaurants and the 1st one being this.. Crustasia, which specializes in seafood dishes cooked in different asian styles.  First opening here in the Powerplant mall. LOve how they are concern with hand hygiene.:)
Carrot and Singkamas Sticks

Cody: a healthy free appetizer. Love how they serve it.  Comes with three different dipping sauces.

Elle: the vegetables are fresh and crunchy

Crab Maritess

Cody:  One of my fave Red Crab/Crustasia  creation. I love how they baked the crab yet maintaining its succulent juices in. The mixture of garlic, white wine chili and olive oil adds so much flavor to the meat.  One more great thing, it is  not overcooked.

Elle:  the crab was very soft, creamy and garlicky. It was actually a plus that it was swimming in olive oil. The crab itself was small, good thing they served two pieces of it.

Very very good crab dish.. Perfect with a cup of plain rice... just topped it with the things on the above pic.... heavenly:)


  1. i like freebies (who doesn't?), so that appetizer is a winner. but nothing beats that gorgeous crab!

  2. mmm... i love dining here and would always order their small rock lobsters.