Saturday, June 20, 2009

Siam House - Fileds Ave, Clark Field Pampanga

Thai Ice Tea

Elle: Their tea had  bits or specks of black, brownish  material in the bottom.  Most likely from the leaves they use in making tea.  It looked a bit scary but nevertheless it was still good. Asian version of tea latte-not to sweet and still tastes like tea regardless of the coconut milk. 

Cody: I love thai ice tea. It refreshing at the same time rich and creamy….and this version is very very good. Packs lots of taste unlike some anemic thai ice iteas in other restos here in manila. Be sure to mix very well:)

Tom Yum

Elle- Delicious, sweet, sour, spicy soup with lots of cilantro.  It was both refreshing and satisfying.  The soup tasted fresh because of the lemongrass and cilantro and at the same time it was rich because of the coconut milk.  The coconut milk did not make it taste like guinataan (as always when it comes to Thai dishes and drinks)...which is a relief. 

Cody: one of the better versions of Tom Yum soup. Loaded with shrimps and mushroom. I like how they added a splash of coconut milk(which other restos don’t do). It has the right amount of Spice, and tanginess.. 


  1. mmm. nice choice! those are my two favorite things to order in a thai restaurant!

  2. wow tom yum!!! this is so reminiscent of our trip to jatujak last weekend!