Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Mexican Chicken - Fil Am Friendship Rd. Clarkfield Pampanga

ClarkField..Angeles...Pampanga... houses a lot f restos from different places in the planet. There are mexican, japanese, korean, italian, thai, filipino, cajun/creole, ecc etc.. so food trips here are really fun.
While driving around, we chanced upon this interesting looking resto with a interesting name..

We were suprised.. because we were thinking that we are going into a mexican restaurant specializing in chicken... lo and behold, this is a korean restaurant:) Open form 4pm to 4am, this place is said to be more of a drinking place.
The moment you seated you are given this free pica-pica food.

The menu is posted up on the wall

WE ordered their house specialty, the Fried Chicken said to be fried in special Korean Cooking Pil. Half order for P300 comes with a red sauce

Elle: The chicken was slightly battered, well-seasoned and was very crispy. The meat was tender and not oily. The dipping sauce was both sweet and spicy and gave it its Korean flavor

Cody: This is how fried chicken should be, no oily feel, no oily taste. Chicken skin fried to a crisp. The meat, hot moist and perfectly

There are a number of korean restaurants in manila that serves this kind of fried chicken.. we willvtry it out and tell you guys about it, for the meantime, if ever you are in the area, try this one out...

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