Wednesday, July 1, 2009

C Italian Dining - Fields Ave, Clarkfield, Angeles City, Pampanga

Driving more than 90kms just to get to eat at this famous restaurant... was it worth it? read on..
The place was quite homey.. the structure nakes you feel your inside a castle.. well protected form the outside world. Even on a hot sunny day, it was cool inside. Service was impeccable.

Elle: Scrumptuous, I love the crusty bread. You can hear it crack upon breaking. The bread was very soft inside. The basil dip wasn’t overpowering.

Cody: the crunch of the bread reminded me of the movie Ratatouile when he female chef press the bread and telling the apprentice the importance of the crunching sound. Love their in house freshly baked bread. Love the dip as well. I think I can eat a whole loaf of this thingies

Panizza St Jacques

Elle: Very light and thin crust, it was slightly gummy in the middle but the edges were super crisp. It has n otomato sauce but was loaded with sun dried tomatoes slices, would have wanted more scallops and shrimps. Its was very savory. The arugula leaves were very big and fresh and it complemented the panizza.

Cody: I first got a taste of this last year and started to introduce this dish to friends. Brilliant is how I will describe Chef Chris . A lot of copy cat now, even yellow cab is joining in the wrap and roll craze. But the original is always the best. Will travel more than 90kms just to eat this. The blending of cheeses was indeed heavenly. I agree with elle that it could use bit more toppings

Risotto Cristina

Elle: When you moved the plate around the table you could take a whiff of how cheesy the dish was. It looked very appetizing. And you could see how much seafood was in the dish. Every spoonful was exquisite, and it was so cheesy, you can see the stringy component while getting each spoonful. The rice was cooked perfectly.

Cody: If someone is wondering what a perfect risotto should look and taste like. This is the dish. Al dente rice, creamy and cheesy. The Truffle oil giving it the extra UMPH!! To the dish. I also love how they do not scrimp the ingredients. Big chunks of seafood. A smile to every spoonful.

So... was it worth the drive??? Hell... yeah.. every single kilometer of it...


  1. mmm those food looks really delicious especially the panizza.

  2. wow this restaurant looks like a winner, this will definitely be on my list of must visits. thanks for the tip!

  3. the panizza looks delicious, but your last photo in this entry with my favorite seafood is a winner for me.

  4. i heard a lot of good reviews re this place. i think i must try this.. soon.. :P