Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Agave Mexican Cantina

This is the 2nd MExican restaurant we are gonna talk about. And there are still a couple in line like Ristras, Jalapeno, and the newly opend Baja in Greenbelt. But allow us to tell you our Agave Story.  Located in Shangrila Plaza and in Eastwood, this mexican restaurant has been our radar for quite sometime now.  Been reading raves about the food here. Lets see how it fare against us.
Shrimp Chile Relleno-  P165

Elle: the breading was a bit too thick, and it was served at room temperature.  The chili itself was small, the shrimp was invisible and I could not really taste the shrimp filling. The salsa was supposed to be medium spicy, but it was not even mildly spicy.

Cody: at first glance, I thought this is a dish I am gonna love. The name itself are combinations of my favorite things. But I was disappointed. It lacked in taste. The shrimps weren’t visible. And the heat factor wasn’t there..

Chicken Quesadillas: P190

Elle: For the price the serving size was ample. It tasted good. But.. there was very minimal chicken.  I like the salsa and guacamole which added both substance and flavor to the dish.

Cody: now this dish made up to the first dish. Serving was just right, the filling was also good.  Blending the cheese, chicken etc… The accompanied viands went very well to the overall taste of the dish.

There are still quite a number of items that are interesting to try, plus they serve affordable alcoholic drinks and cocktails, bt we would try the other above mentioned mexican restaurants first and tell you which one we think is the best here in Manila,

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