Friday, July 10, 2009

Thai Sticks and steaks - Pasong Tamo, Makati City

Note: This place is already close, but we just have it feature it as it was dishing out good food.

Not really a name I would use for a thai restaurant. The original name of this place was THAI PAD, I wonder why they  change their name.

Thai Ice Tea: 

Cody : This was nice and refreshing. Very nice and strong tea flavour. Blending perfectly with the coconut milk. Excellent rendition

Elle: Liked it, tasted like regular thai ice tea.

Tom Yum Goong: 

Cody:  i love my tom yum with a dash of coconut milk,  just like this version. The spicyness was just right. The sour level was also good.

Chicken Pandan w Bagoong Rice
Cody : Their version was just okay, better than Soms, Chariya and even AZUTHAI. Hehe. Fried nicely that the pandan leaf added just the right accent to the chicken.

Elle:  same with cody, it was just okay

Thai Fish Cake

Cody:  a  bit doughy in taste, lots of extenders.  Not really something I would order again.


Cody : when its cheap pad thai, my comparison is always SOMS, which I hate, but this version was actually good, need more chili though for a little kick, but the saltiness and sweetness was just right.

Elle: am not really a fan of pad thai, so I really didn’t like this.

WE hope they would open again.. in a better location...

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  1. I always eat here. i love their tom yum better than soms because it has more food in it. i like their thai iced tea as well. hopefully they will open again soon.