Sunday, July 26, 2009

La Dolce Vita - Alabang Zapote Road, Las Pinas

We first got to know about this restaurant in the website SOUTHBOUND.PH(which sadly is not updating anymore about food). WE tried to go to this restaurant once before, but couldnt find it. So after few weeks, we decided to try to look for it again. And with perseverance, we were able to find it. 
Its a long ride form makati, the place is near the the Las Pinas City Hall. Teh restaurant is big, with ample parking space in front of the restaurant.  
Freebies: Bruschetta

Pizza- Half Quattro Formaggio/Half Dolce Vita

Elle: at 1st look, you would think that the pizza crust was thick. However, it was just the edges that was thick and rounded. The crust itself was thin and crunchy and could hold up whatever was on top of it.  It was not at all soggy even if it was drenched in cheese.  It wa

s delicious, soft stringy cheese melted over thin and crunchy, freshly wood-fire baked crust. 

Cody:  Pizza crust a bit thick for my Italian pizza standard, it was freshly baked in a brick oven which adds a lot of character to the crust.  The four cheese topping was delicious. No scrimping of cheese here. The Dolce Vita topping however which is said to be sausage was something else… it tasted sweet, like sausage from Pampanga. It didn’t really suited the pizza.  The Chili oil; didn’t have enough spice in it, it lacks the kick I am more accustom to. 

Linguine Marinara

Elle: The serving size was adequate. The noodles really tasted like seafood and tomato stew.  The calamari not at all gummy. 

Cody:  I was surprised by the large bowl it was served in. The serving size was indeed huge. The seafood was also a lot, except  for the shrimp or prawns. But it was cooked really well, the flavour of the sea was indeed evident in the pasta. What I didn’t like here was the half a “alimasag” that didn’t taste fresh.  So I didn’t eat it, I didn’t bother returning it anymore because of my hunger.

Overall, it is a god restaurant with affordable prices, but what is holding us back to coming here again, is the distance, Unlike C Italian.. which offers real great not just good italian cuisine. This place can still improve.  To People in the South, you guys are lucky to have a place like this 

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