Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sinbads - San Agustin St, Makati City

Chicken Madras Curry P208 

Cody:  by the looks of it, it looked thick and creamy curry. But when we ran a spoon thru it, it was not. It was a bit watery The flavor was mild. Sad dish for me

Elle: it was watery. But the curry still tasted a bit too strong. Nothing special about this dish.

Lamb Shanks P399

Cody:  A hefty dish, the lamb was braised to perfect tenderness. You can eaily pick out the meat from the bone. The couscous added a nice texture to the dish as it differ form the usual pasta or potato side dish we get from other restos.

What we don’t like about this restaurant is that they use  supermarket bought frozen veggies. Let us not tolerate restaurants from using this. We can buy this at the nearby supermarket. Why cant a restaurant make their own from FRESH vegetables, right?

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