Sunday, May 3, 2009

Okura Fusion Japanese Restaurant - Jupiter St. Makati City

Driving thru Jupiter street, there are a number of newly opened restaurants. One of interest is this restaurant which is perhaps the only Japanese restaurant in Jupiter, not counting Teriyaki boy.

Formerly known as Hae Song, they maintained almost all of the interiors.. you can still see the name sand blasted on the glass panels. Although the msenu has changed. Showed more dishes and incorporated some fusion items.

Service a little disappointing. You have to call their attention even when the place is not that full.

Funny menu typos---they serve crap!!!!!

Freebie:  Salad-

Cody: fresh, served with a miso dressing. Love the freshness of the salad, Crunchy, clean. The dressing has the right amount of tang and sweetness

Elle: I liked the miso dressing as well.  The dressing was unique but had that Japanese taste.  Would have been more interesting if they used other vegetables rather than the usual iceberg lettuce, sliced carrots and raddish.

Drinks: Mango Kiwi- P100

Cody: Never thought that this combination would be nice. It suited each other .

Elle: Great, great, great! Perfectly blended without milk/cream! Presentation was funky…a thinly sliced kiwi seen through the glass made it more than just a regular fruit shake.  

Manhattan Roll- Filled with mango, Cucumber,  Kani, wrapped in Fresh salmon Slices, drizzled with Japanese mayo, thousand island and sprinkled with crunchy tempura batter bits. P380

Cody: I just love this roll, big and satisfying. The sushi rice was excellent, the salmon outside was indeed fresh and the filling was just a wonderful medley of flavors.

Elle: A unique sushi roll.  I liked the presentation- it was inside out.  Not really a fan of salmon but this was good and fresh.  It didn’t taste too fatty and oily.  Too bad the wasabi didn’t have that much of a kick no matter the amount 

Agedashi Tofu with cheese: Stuffed tofu with cheese, battered then deep fried, served with tempura sauce. P220

Cody: Combination of silky tofu and gooey gooey cheese. Terrific. Good thing the cheese didn’t melt away while it was being fried. Would have loved it if it was served agedashi style meaning swimming in a sweet soy sauce

Elle: Disappointed with how it was served.  There was another dish called Agedashi tofu on the menu which was served in a sauce with mushrooms.  So I was expecting this dish we ordered to be served in the same sauce the only difference was the tofu.  However, this was totally different.  Redeeming factor was the soft and creamy tofu which was perfectly fried.  Dipping sauce was bland. 

Ebi Tempura P250

Cody: I was surprised the serve their tempura head on, but it was fried beautifully, the batter being light didn’t overpower or cover the ebi too much. The head you can eat as is. Tastes like crunchy shrimp cracker. One bad note here is the accompanied fried items. They were all sweet potato, it would have been nice if they used different veggies like eggplant or onions.

Elle:  Crispy ebi.  I liked the crunchiness of the shrimp head.  Overall it was just okay.  

Chicken Teriyaki Don P340

Now this is the bomb.. and I mean the bomb.. look at the pictures closely. This dish consists of thinly sliced chicken breast. Brushed with teriyaki sauce. The chicken was OVERCOOKED. And sliced again.. THINLY. It was hard and argh!!!!! A mistake to order. Worst chicken teriyaki dish I’ve ever tasted. Tokyo Tokyo Chiken teriyaki is better than this place. And for the price… Outrageous.

Elle:  DISAPPOINTING! This has got to be the worst chicken teriyaki don I have ever tried.  The chicken pieces were too thin and hard – it’s a battle to eat the chicken. For the price of the dish I would have expected a better dish.  Not only was the chicken as stiff as a board but it didn’t even taste like teriyaki.  If you want a Japanese version of chicken tocino/Chinese beef jerky try this dish.  

Freebie: Pineapple. Sweet J

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