Saturday, May 23, 2009

Osonho portuguese fusion - Jupiter St, Makati CIty

Portuguese Cuisine hasn't really taken off here in our country. If you ask us, we love it, try going to Macau.. well the nearest place to taste portuguese cuisine. We love the food there.  IT was a bit of a good news to hear there is a new portuguese restaurant opening. Barely a yeard old, this restaurant is said to be more of fusion. 
On the table

Mozarella Veggie Fritters P220 Bell pepper, cauliflower, eggplant, jalapeno and shitake mushroom coated with creamy mozzarella and fried to a golden brown. 

Elle: Crispy breading that doesn’t fall apart when it was cut open. The cheese was perfectly melted and gets stringy as you pull it away.  The pepper popper was stuffed with cheese

Cody: I was surprised by the quantity of the dish. Though it didn’t have the other above mentioned veggies, like shitake and Jalapeno(which we weren’t informed about and I hate that) It was a novel idea of adding cheese to vegetables. The breading was just a tad bit thick, but it was otherwise fried beautifully

Peri Peri Chicken on Fragrant RiceP310

Elle: Well Cooked chicken with  crispy golden skin which tasted very Mediterranean. The rice has parsley bits and the sauce was a delicious blend of spices.

Cody: Wonderful dish, flavorful chicken meat, crispy skin,  The rice was cooked just the way I like it,”buhaghag”. It was worth every peso.

Espetada De Carne P390.00

Two large skewers of delicous shrimps, scallops, US tenderloin cuts and succulent vegetables seasoned with O'sonho's own herb paste. Served with there freshly baked pita bread

Elle: It was just okay, nothing great and it did not have a distinctly different or new taste. I only liked the big scallops.

Cody:  ON the contrary I find the scallops not fresh. The saving grace for me was the lamb and tenderloin cuts. 

Freshly Brewed Ice Tea with Peppermint

Elle: It was served in a large fish bowl which I found really cute. It smells like a glass of freshly brewed tea bag. Upon tasting the hint of peppermint hits you like peppermint toothpaste. Good thing was the taste didn’t linger

Cody: love the size, love the taste and I agree, the non lingering taste makes it more delightful coz you willl keep on sipping it

Definitely recommending the Peri Peri Chicken, Try it.... Nice resto, hope it will last, only two tables were occupied when we ate here.

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