Saturday, May 16, 2009

Buffalo Wings and Things - Ortigas

While walking around trying to find a place to eat in Ortigas home Depot, We chanced upon this bright restaurant. Serving.... of course what else but Chicken wings, but not only Chicken Wings.. they have other stuff as well....
All the items are written on the board . THey have an open kitchen where you can see your food being cooked. Servers are dressed in ultra shorts short.
Cheesy Fries

Elle: Fries were really good. They were large wedges cooked just right, very warm and soft.  The cheese was very gooey and the amount of cheese was enough to cover the last piece of fries. 

Cody: Nothing beats thick cut fries as compared to the thin fries we get from fast food chains, lot of cheese, every fry had cheese sauce on it

1/2 pound Buffalo wings.

Cody: the wing sauce was excellent,  wings were freshly cooked, it was juicy anf hot, the only bad side here is that the breading was a tad too thick for my taste.  another surpirse was haf a pound is only 3 wings, cut by the joint giving you 6 pieces.

Elle: Chicken wings were perfectly cooked, golden and crispy and the meat was very tender.  The sauce was a combination of sweet, spicy and tangy.  

We love how they give each table a whole wad of thick tissues to use, cause its always better to eat with your hands... right?:)

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