Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New from Yellow Cab - Dear Darla Pizza

Yellow Cab Pizza... at first we thought this place was a franchise from some restaurant in the states.. Lo and Behold, the its all filipino.  Great concept, started out strongly. Our  favorite being the Shrimp and Garlic which was back then loaded with shrimp, but as the years went by, the shrimp was dwindling in quantity... 
They just introduced a new pizza in the market. Like the famous panizza of C italian(which we will feature soon) and the allegedly copycat version of Foccacia
Dear Darla pizza... we added some shrimps to our darla pizza, surprised that it came chopped...

Elle: the crust was very thin and crispy, but it lacked the cheese that I wanted.  It was a bit bland. It could have used a bit more garlic.  The extra shrimp was sliced too small. But overall, it was good.

Cody:  Their version of the pizza roll was passable. Not as great as the C Italian version, but as a fast food version, I think they did their job right. Like Elle, I would have wanted more cheese and the extra shrimp topping I ordered was surprisingly chopped…WTF….. well, I love how the dough was crispy yet soft enough to be rolled. 

Something we both would recommend.  Try it…..


  1. New pizza from Yellow Cab! I'm just worried that eating this would be messy since I find Yellow Cab's pizza too oily.

    Everything Nice!

  2. It looks pretty good. I've been intrigued by this pizza since the billboards came out. Pity about the shrimp, though; I think it would have been even tastier with bigger (or unchopped) shrimp.

  3. hi badet: suprisingly, it wasnt oily at all
    hi midge: yes it would have been better talaga

  4. Hello! I'm a new food blogger.I just blogged about Dear Darla too. Please follow me and I'll follow you too! :)From Philippines! :)