Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sushi California

The Fort has a  lot of restaurants opening  at the ground level of new condominiums. This was an accidental discovery was drivong around the fort area trying to find Bistro Filipino.

Boasting of serving modern Japanese cuisine. This restaurant is barely two months old. And we are glad to share with you our experience.

First and foremost, parking can be a problem, the restaurant doesn’t have a parking place for customers. We parked at the UCC/Sakae Sushi complex and just walked here

.The menu has a lot of pages and a lot of food to offer. WE only tried the sushi rolls here. Note. Every sushi roll has “etc” written in the description. “etc” is a combination of kani, cucumber and mango

Free Appetizer- Snapper in sweet glaze
Cody: one of the better Free appetizer. The fish was cooked well. The sauce was great too, Had to ask for 2nds
Elle::  THe fish meat was creamy and very soft. The sweet sauce coated the fish well and suited the taste of the fish

Corn Snow Maki P380
Cody:  The picture in the menu enticed me to order this dish. Unique in how the prepare it, being baked before serving. This roll was warm. The sauce was sweet not really my type.

Elle: I liked how the sushi was a bit chewy, since the rice was very sticky. I found the sauce too sweet. But I liked the slightly burnt sauce.

Dragon Maki P480

Cody:  This was one huge maki. Made use of one whole slice of Unagi. Presentation was cute. The mound of crunchy thingies on the side  gave a texture change form the soft chewy sushi roll.

Elle: Interesting presentation. With a dragon head. The crunchy Tempura batter bits on the side gave a good contrast to the sushi, however the sushi roll itself wasn’t any different from the other sushi rolls

Spicy Tuna Maki P310

Cody: Fresh chopped tuna, great sushi rice, wonderfully unusual chili sauce. Combine them all together and u get a wonderful dish.. Really really spicy.

Elle: The best sushi among the three. IT tasted really different compared to the others.  The tuna tasted a bit like arrabiata which was interesting.

The meal was okay. Nothing great. Service was very good
.  This place can be an alternative to other Japanese restos in the area. Would try the other dishes here, if ever they would have parking for customers next time

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