Sunday, April 26, 2009

SuperBbowl of China

Being a country populated by Chinese immigrants, we are never surprised by the number of Chinese restaurants here in the country. There are the fine dining places like Shang Palace and Summer palace which can be found in Hotels, then there are the humungous chinese restaurants like Emerald Garden, President(which unfortunately closed down), Dragon gate, Gloria MAris. Then there are the medium size chinese resto franchises like North PArk and this one.

Usually located in Malls, Superbowl, followed the foot steps of North Park. First opening at Jupiter Street in Makati then later on Branching to different malls in the city. Serivce was quick.

Black Gulaman P65
Superbowl Fried Rice P295

Cody:  now this was a big serving with a lot of toppings, great eaten with chili garlic sauce

Elle:  The rice was too dry and if served to stand alone without the toppings it would not have been tasty enough to be called fried rice.  

Fish Fillet stuffed with Melted Cheese P250

Cody: it looks much much nicer on the menu pictures, they used camaron rebosado batter which I didn’t like. The cheese component was measly. THe fish was bland. 

Elle: The first bite was just okay.  Then the succeeding ones kinda got boring.  The fish itself was soft and creamy however the batter overpowered the fish.  It tasted too much like baking soda. 

Shanghai Chicken P220

Cody: another uninspiring dish, the sauce was sweet and sour.  That’s about it

Elle:  I was expecting a special chicken dish.  The picture made it look good but it was just regular.  

The unfinished dnner
Mango Sago P80

Cody: one of the worst version, its not even icy cold when served. So sad.

Elle:  I agree…this was not a happy and uplifting mango sago. The sago was too small and soggy, the mango used was a bit too ripe.

AS you can see in the unfinished meal picture, we were very unsatisfied with what we ate. We still remember having great meals at this place before, we wonder what happened to the place. We hope they can shape up.

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