Thursday, April 9, 2009

Il Ponticello - Valero St, Makati City

This place is more known as a hang-out place or a gimmick place rather than a fine dining restaurant. But we have read in a number of blogs and magazines that this place serves nice Italian food. It is even said that this is a nice place for dating,. I dont know if you guys know this fact, but this place has been open for more than 19 years now

Havent really eaten at this place… went here a lot of times but only to drink… the famous Azzuri. Now is the time to try their food.

Freebie- Grissini, something to munch on while waiting for the food

Spinack Artichoke Spread

Cody: Italiannis introduced me to this dip, but the quality of food at that restaurant has greatly deteriorated. Ponti’s version was great, piping hot, melted cheese, served with great bread. A wonderful starter

Elle: gooey, warm and cheesy-the dip practically drips form the utensil …definitely yummy and a MUST TRY!

Pizza- Half Arugula, Half Quattro Formaggio

Cody: delicious crust, asked for split flavors and they gladly obliged. The four cheese had slices of delicious mushroom incorporated in it.  The Arugula half was also wonderfully done.

Elle: The pizza was cheesy in just the right way.  It wasn’t overloaded with cheese.  Crust was thin and crispy.  It was light and not too heavy  

Fetuccine Marinara

Cody: It was evident that the seafood was cooked together with the sauce here because you get to taste the no just the tmatoes but also the essence of the seafood. Bad point here was the pasta

Elle:great-tasting sauce but soggy pasta :( It has a strange balance between the freshness of the tomato sauce and the seafood. 


Cody: Surprised that it was a frosted(blended ice) ice. Anyway. It was still god and packs a wallop.

 Elle: I can’t remember exactly how this drink tasted but I’m pretty sure it went well with dinner! I left the place very happy! One thing though…the ice they used was regular ice.  It would have been better if it were semi-frozen or if not tiny tiny crushed ice.

It is in deed a nice place to bring a date. The restaurant is not too full during dinner time. Food is excellent.

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