Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hana - little tokyo, Makati City

We have been in search for the most authentic and best takoyaki here in our country,  so far we have been disappointed.  People say its good in Kozui, we have tried it and all we can say that it doesn’t taste as good as it looks. We have tried different takoyaki in different stalls and was again disappointed until we bumped into this guy


Cody: Here in Manila, this is indeed so far the best I have tasted, very moist inside, nice thing they have real octopus also inside. It still fails in comparison to the ones in GINDACO. But we have to be contended with what we have here.

Elle: it was very good, there is really a piece of octopus meat in each takoyaki. The cooked takoyaki are not soggy and maintained its shape even after a long time before it was eaten.

Priced at 100pesos for 6 pieces, its all worth it. Aside from the Takoyaki, Hana serves good japanese food which we have to try yet.


  1. Must try this one day ! Looks and sounds yummy !

  2. wow! this looks like another reason for us to go to little tokyo! thanx for the post!

  3. wow, another authentic takoyaki :) if you're in qc area you might want to try octoboy, they also serve good takoyaki and okonomiyaki :)