Friday, October 30, 2009

Kusina Teatro- Ortigas Home Dept

We love concept kitchens and how they wanna ijmpress diners. We read about this place at nad it immediately caught our attention. Its a small place, bright and looked very clean. They have an open kitchen where you can watch them do there stuff.

Stuffed squid (bacon and onions)

Elle: the squid was soft and perfectly cooked. The slightly salty meaty filling would ooze out of the tiny squid pieces upon biting. The tomato sauce was a bit tart and balanced out the saltiness of the bacon.

Cody: Shocked!!!!! by the size... but happy with the overall dish, in taste and in cooking preparation. The squid was cooked just in the right amount of time . It was easily eaten and the smoky flavor of the bacon was indeed nice....

Seafood Paella (good for 2)

Elle: The rice was absolutely amazing! It was infused with the flavors of the ingredients and I loved the orangey-red color of the rice. It was soft and had a slight bite to it. The squid was again perfectly cooked, it was tender and not at all chewy. The prawns were tender and delicious and had a different flavor which added another dimension of taste to the dish. I loved the “tutong”! Yum! Super worth it!

Cody: It took time for this dish to come out. and thats a good thing, coz you know its freshly prepared Me and Elle were scrambling for the tutong part. hehe, Lots of seafood, Big in taste:)

Fried Cheesecake

Elle: The cheesecake was wrapped in lumpia wrapper and was served slightly warm. Upon cutting into the cake I noticed that it was dry and a bit flaky. It lacked the smoothness and creaminess I look for in cheesecake. The ice cream on top of the cheesecake complemented the dish .

Cody: Good concept, but the cheesecake itself was not of high quality, it lack in sweetness and wasnt as creamy as i want it to be Too bad, it was a beautiful dish pa naman.

We were the only ones eating there that night, i hope its not like this everynight or else this place wont last.

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