Friday, October 2, 2009

Gloria Maris - Greenbelt, Makati City

What's one of the best thing to eat during rainy days?? What else but HOT SOUP!!! One of the best places to drink hot soup is Gloria maris with its famous hot pot.  You can either choose your ingredients or order the combination prepared for two or four persons
Here is what we had:)

Fish Fillet in Sate Sauce

Elle: Yum! The fish was super soft and it had a very creamy texture.  I liked how the fish was coated in a think layer of sauce and how sticky the sauce was.  It’s the kind of fish fillet you can’t have enough of.  It was a combination of salty, sour, sweet and fishy. Grrreeeaaat!

Cody:  I never imagine cooking fish fillet with sate sauce, but this combination was a winner together with the pineapple slices that exudes sweetness that complimented the Sate taste.

Hot Pot

Elle: It had so many ingredients I had a difficult time choosing which one to attack first.  Nevertheless the ingredients looked fresh.  The soup itself was refreshing, not too tasty and salty which I appreciate in hot pot.  The combination of sauces was also interesting because they had Chinese peanut butter, chili sauce, hoisin sauce, sate sauce, garlic and green onions.  The combination compliments the relatively bland broth. 

Cody:  The combination for four was enough to keep everyone full. Fresh ingredients, good amount of meat, seafood, vegetables, noodles.  Be sure to put the things that cook the longest first. And while waiting for it to be cooked, make your own sauce combination with the available condiments. And don’t forget not to each too much, because after eating the ingredients, be sure to have space for the soup cause it will be one of the best tasting soup you will ever taste. 


Elle:  The taho doesn’t have that plaster of Paris feeling to it (not that I’ve eaten it).  It’s very finely processed that it doesn’t feel sandy in your mouth.  The sugar sauce wasn’t too strong and didn’t have a burnt sugar taste to it.  The tapioca would have been better if it had a little bite or chewiness to it.  Overall it was a great dessert to end the whole meal.

Cody:  This was the first place to got to eat freshly made taho and it was indeed a pleasure to eat.  The fun thing here is that you get to put as much arnibal and sago as you want, The Taho was silky smooth and tasted wonderful.


  1. Hi Cody and Elle!

    Love visiting your site! :)

    Glad to see another couple as food-lovin' as we are :D

    Between Bites,

  2. wow!!! I love their Taho! :D My dad loves it too.. we even go there just for that lang. :D

  3. Wow! What a food is this? I am hungry looking with the food you post in your blog. I want to taste because I know that this food is so delicious. Hope that I will visit someday to Gloria Maris at Greenbelt Makati City. Thanks for sharing and keep on posting.