Saturday, November 7, 2009

Buenisimo -Eastwood Mall

Cafe Ysabel is also an institution in the Greenhills area. And its always been a nice place to eat at, not the best restaurant but at least they serve good food. It was nice to know they expanded to another location and having his son run this new restaurant.

Food items here are basically same as the one in Cafe Ysabel with a few new dishes. Service was great.

Dip sampler

Elle: Pretty presentation. It reminded me of small servings of ice cream! But instead of being cold and sweet they were savory and served at room-temp. My favorite flavor was the spinach with cheese. It was salty, creamy and cheesy.

Cody: I was shocked by the size of this appetizer.. it was good for at least 4 person…. There were a lot of bread slices. The dips were just okay, my favorite is the same was my love Elle.. I like the Spinach and cheese as well..

Spaghetti with mushrooms and truffle in cream sauce

Elle: You couldn’t possible miss the aroma of the truffle oil. The amount of sauce was just right. It coated each strand of pasta without drowning it. There was a good amount of mushrooms as well and I liked the combination used because it gave a woodsy and fuller texture and flavor to the dish. However we requested for whole wheat pasta and it did not look nor taste like whole wheat pasta. I think they made a mistake but I just let this one pass.

Cody: Not wanting to eat a lot after a huge appetizer. this dish came. No meat here or seafood. Only mushrooms. It was good, the pasta was cooked well, the truffle oil was evident.. though it wouldnt hurt to have a splash more:) THe pasta like what Elle said was not the whole wheat we were expecting, but we didnt mind it.

We will be back to try the other dishes for sure.


  1. that appetizer can pass as my merienda anytime =)

  2. Buenisimo can really serve good food. Coming from the owners of Cafe Ysabel, you can't go wrong. :)