Sunday, August 1, 2010

New at Legaspi Sunday Market

We love Legaspi Sunday Market because of it being spacious and there are a lot of items there aside from food. But when it comes to food choices, we still think that the Salcedo Saturday Market is far more superior. Here are some of the new stalls that we tried out.
Hanoi Cafe Vietnamese noodle bowl:

Cody: When Elle went to buy ths noodles while i was waiting for the Phad thai to be cooked, i was already dreaming of delicous beef broth, with fresh basil, bean sprout, a slice of lime or lemon. But this is what we got. Utterly disappointing. For a hefty price, i was expecting something more authentic and to think the cook is Vietnamese. The soup tasted mild and unseasoned. THe noodles were the ordinary sotanghon noodles. And the "sahog" was just miniscule and sad. Warning guys, dont even try ti, we are willing victims already.

Elle: I always crave for the clear and refreshing taste of Vietnamese noodle soup so when I chanced upon this one at the Sunday market I just had to try it. I was enticed by the sales pitch of the guy at the booth. Upon handing over the bowl of soup I immediately knew something was wrong. It was not as aromatic as Vietnamese soup should be. The good ones usually have that scent of cilantro but this one smelled and tasted like boiled water! The only thing that gave it a hint of taste were the bland chicken strips and the noodles. The noodles weren’t even the flat hofan-like noodles I am accustomed to being served in other Vietnamese restaurants. I was very disappointed with this dish. Good thing I didn’t even attempt to try the fresh spring rolls! The worst part was it was actually a bit expensive. P140 for a bowl of boiled water with noodles is not worth the try.
Khun Caesar's Thai Kitchen - Pad Thai:

Cody: First and foremost the cook graduated from the "Blue Elephant Cooking School" One of the more famous cooking school in Bangkok, but being famous doesnt really equates to being good. It just means that they have the money to do the advertsing etc.. The noodles were just okay, nothing really great. I find the mixture a bit towards the sour side. And it didnt have the "oomph " factor that would make me want to order it again. Another bad thing about it was the shrimp were already precook. And it was a bit oily. Good thing about this stall here is the owner was a nice fellow and easy to talk to.

Elle:The noodles were a overcooked and soggy. The dish was like a sour version of Pad Thai. There’s something missing in almost all of the Pad Thai dishes I have tried in Manila. This one falls into the same category along with the others. It was not crunchy enough, the entire dish was doused in vinegar and it lacked the burnt and nutty taste I actually like in authentic Pad Thai. Less disappointed in this dish but on hindsight I just had to finish the serving cause it was P180.

We did like the Takoyaki stall and the Mexican taco stall.:)

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