Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Classic" Savory - multiple branches all around

One of the pioneers in the fried chicken business, now this name(Savory) spans three kind of restaurantsaccording to the article we read on ENTREPENEUR. The “Classic” Savory, The “Original” Savory and the “Savory”. What make one different from the other. Just try it to find out.
In the malls, you will most likely find the “Classic” Savory.

Elle:Just like I remember from childhood! The chicken has the distinct savory taste in the same way the gravy did. I was disappointed with the fried rice because the grains were hard and the rice was so dry. It reminded me of canteen fried rice, serving something substandard just so you can say it’s fried rice. The peas in the fried rice were so tough I was waiting for the crunch after each bite.
Cody: Just like Elle, Savory was the regular fried chicken we would buy.. aside from “Country Chicken” Sorry lovers Of Max’s, but I like this chicken more.. The Classic savory has an amber colored skin which differ it from the “Original Savory” But tastewise, it is almost the same, except for skin of “Classic” is a bit crispier. I also love the gravy that comes with their chicken. Like” KFC gravy” ulam na, gravy palang. Hehe. The other sideings like the squid and fish fillet are nothing great, the rice was also subpar.


  1. Savory chicken is one of the dishes that remind me of my childhoon. :-) I still crave their chicken up to now sometimes. :-)

  2. i must agree savory chicken is good but i prefer aristocrat's delicious chicken! ooohh..im craving for some now!