Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Go Greek - Glorietta 4 Food Choices

Going around Glorietta 4 Food Choices, you will find this stall in one little corner. Something different, not your typical grilled stuff, or fried stuff or burger thingie that you will usually see in a “fast food” court. We were quite happy to find this eatery. The food here is Greek/Mediterrenean, but done in a “fast food” way. Chicken Kebab Set
Cody: I left Elle to order the food for the both of us and this is what she got. From the looks of it, it was quite appealing. Nice looking salad, Chicket cut-ups doused in a nice smelling sauce. I love the taste of the chicken, it was marinated quite nicely, and the sauce gave it an extra boost in flavor. The salad was also quite good, and the thick balsamic dressing suited it just fine. The Sliced pita wedges were also great companion to the chicken kebab. The combo meal was quite filling and appetizing was well. Elle:This food court find was a real surprise. The presentation was not too “fast food” looking like I usually expect from “Japanese and Italian” fast food which have a distinct look that screams..what else…FAST FOOD! The chicken was very soft and juicy and had a distinct spice-loaded taste. The potatoes were well cooked and soft and I would have finished it all if not for the carbo overload. I liked that the potatoes were cut into wedges and not into chunks. The pita bread was not at all doughy which I notice from ready-made crust. This had a springy and gummy texture to it.

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