Friday, November 20, 2009

Manna-ish - Jupiter St. Makati City

Middle Eastern food has been getting its claim to fame because of its availability in our city. Theres the ultra cheap Mr. Kabab in Quezon City to the  more than 500 pesos Kebabs of Hosseins. People love this because of its great taste.. healthy method of cooking. 
SO when this placed opened. We wanted to try it immediately.

Ayran natural yogurt

Elle:  choice of sweet and natural.  Of course I chose natural.  The first sip: it was like drinking champoy juice if there’s even such a thing! It was soooo salty.  A small amount of sugar syrup made it better.  Sad part was it was runny.  I was expecting it to be cold and creamy. 

Cody: Sour and salty, if it was from a milk carton, I would have thrown it away, but they say its all natural yogurt…. Not really my type of drink, had o ask for lot of syrup to balance the taste.


Elle:  it was the Middle Eastern version of pizza.  It smells beefy but doesn’t taste much.  You have to add a lot of chili sauce to make it taste like anything.  Worse is they will eventually charge you for the sauce. 

 Cody: This one I like very much, the size is good for just one person and you can easily finish this one because it is very good.  Freshly baked even the sauce eas freshly made.

Mixed Chicken and Beef Shawarma

Elle: This was served on a thin crepe-like wrapper.  But it had no stuffing! What kind of shawarma doesn’t have vegetables?  The dough was a bit thick when it cooled down it was already like corkboard.  The chicken was very spicy and had too many herbs.  It was also very dry that it resembled dry stew/curry.  The serving size was too small. 

Cody: I had so much hope that this would be good because of the look of he place with all the fancy cooking equipment, but once it was serve and I had a peek what was inside…. I was disappointed. The beef was dry, the chicken was also dry.

NOTE:   Sad because the place looked promising.  It came complete with Mediterranean looking gadgets and oven. 


  1. well, i did try this place b4 3 months, and i guess they improved so much, since having a new chef, everything just got changed as i noticed, in my opinion its now one of the best places to eat here, i go there almost 2-3 times a week, just for the manaish and the shawarma they serve, give a try and u will c what i mean.