Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chef D Angelo -Glorietta 5

When this restaurant first opened in Glorietta, i could still remember the tons of people eating at this place, because everything was cheap and affordable. This place was giving Shakeys and Pizza Hut a run for their money.
But recently, the novelty of this place has died down. Went to their relocated branch in Glorietta 5 and there was not much people eating here.
Anyway, we still went in and eat...even when Elle was skeptical....
Buffalo Chicken Thighs--
Cody: their servings were huge.. i mean the chicken pieces were humungous. Coated in a sweet barbeque sauce. It was crispy, juicy and reminds me of the Buffalo Chicken of DON HENRICOS.
Elle: the chicken wings were..ginormous! there were three pieces but its size could have served 5-6. And yes I agree, the crispiness could be felt through the skin upon biting into it. I can not recall what Don Henrico's tastes like but this one was actually good. The balance between sweet and spicy was just right and it added contrast to the crispiness of the skin and the
juiciness of the meat.
Cody: this is my default pizza here in Chef d' Angelo. Gone were the days when the pizza was overloaded.. now it is still fairly loaded with bacon shrimp and mushroom, the base is not the usual tomato base, but it is bechamel(white) sauce based. I like this pizza for its nice blend of smokiness from the bacon, and the combination is not something you find in other pizza joints.
Elle: I think I would have preferred a combination of white and tomato sauce but then again it would not have been called Great White. The dough was "bouncy and fluffy" but had a crispy texture upon biting. The amount of ingredients is probably still a bit more than other pizza joints'. A good default pizza but not something you would actually crave.

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  1. that's the pizza that we usually order too and the pasta paella