Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Yoh-gurt Froz - multiple branches around Metro Manila

One of the first Yogurt stand to open in Metro Manila. I can still remember th only stall in Tomas Morato Quezon City. But it has withstand the test of time and taste as it now has a lot of branches in Metro Manila.Ordered a serving topped with Chocolate Sauce
Elle: The yogurt was dense and creamy which I really liked. Maybe it was just the combination that I did not like so much because the chocolate sauce took away the tanginess of the yogurt batter. But overall the yogurt is up to my standards:)

Cody: I agree with Elle, the yogurt itself was very good, dense, packed and creamy. The tanginess was also present so you know you are eating yogurt. The chocolate sauce is the kind that creates a shell when it hits cold temperature. not really fond of this kind of chocolate sauce as i prefer fudgey sauce like what i am used to at Mc Donalds. But aside from the sauce. the yougrt was quite good.

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