Sunday, September 20, 2009

Volare - Araneta Center

As soon as we arrive in the Araneta Center complex, we tried to look for a good place to eat, walking around, we found this little Italian restaurant. Which was said to be owned by the Chef who started the Amici Craze.  So we expected a lot

Foccacia Bread- freebie

Elle: The bread was soft with a little bit of a bite to it.  The herbs weren’t overpowering and only gave the bread a mild flavor. 

Cody: I  find the bread soft but a bit dry.  It’s a good thing they serve the dip I love which consist of EVOO, balsamico and parmesan cheese

Frutti de Mare Pizza

Elle: Thin and crunchy crust but it was a bit dry since it had minimal tomato sauce and cheese.  The mussels looked really pale.  There were several slices of squid and pieces of shrimp.  The serving was still good and filling. 

Cody:  I was expecting a lot . But then this came. The crust was great but the rest f the pizza was a letdown. Too little toppings. Too little cheese…  it was still filling though.. 12 inches of bread... not enough other things

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