Saturday, September 5, 2009

Amici - Makati City

To those who used to feel that this is their own secret little Italian get away…. Sorry to tell you guys… it's no longer a secret. After being bought by the people who used to run Red Ribbon. They have expanded the place and opened in 3 more locations. But what can we do, but live with it right? Just as long as the quality of the food doesn’t deteriorate… well lets see..

Genovese con Gambareti pizza

Cody: Nice looking pizza don’t you agree. The shrimp was plump and freshly cooked. It has the crunch I always look for when I eat prawns or shrimp. The crust as always was nicely done, not too thick, not too thin, just right.

Elle: I agree.  The pizza was thin and crunchy.  With loads of cheese and a very thin layer of tomato sauce.  You can see how thin the crust is and the lightly burned edges gave the dough a different taste.  I would have wanted more shrimps on the pizza.  After all it’s the only topping and a small piece doesn’t suffice. 

Spaghetti Vongole en Gambaretti

Cody: my favorite pasta order because for me it’s the most sulit. Thought the seafood can be overcooked like the tough scallop and the shrimp that’s hard to peel. Serving size was big. Served hot

Elle: this one had a lot of seafood,  the pasta was overcooked.  The sauce was good though since it tasted like  tomatoes that have been stewed for some time


  1. amici is officially included in my family's list of favorites, hehe. we frequent amici in tomas morato. we love their ai quattro formaggi pizza and their wide variety of gelato from the cara mia.
    delicious food, affordable price, what more can i say? i guess we have to try those seafood pasta and pizza. looks yummy.

  2. definitely a great place to go! my hubby and i go to the greenhills branch and like docgelo, we love the 4 cheese pizza! gosh, this makes me crave for a slice right now!!

  3. i also like that gambaretti pasta! also try the spicy aglio olio or spinach linguine alla puttanesca!