Friday, August 7, 2009

Nama Sakana - Conneticut St Greenhills

We love trying out new restaurants and this one in Greenhills has been on our list for quite sometime now. Good thing we were given the chance to try it... well, the story here was, we were suppose to try Konbini, but they were too full, so we ended up eating here.

House Maki

Cody: this is one big maki, with all the fresh seafood inside the roll. I love how they wrapped it aside from nori, with thinly sliced daikon radish, The sushi rice was 

cooked right. The blendings of the seafood was good as well.

Elle: a gigantic roll of fresh fishes, kani, avocado, rice, nori and radish. It’s a bit bland to stand on its own an the radish didn’t  do anything to the dish, it was also too big. it was nice to look.

River Shrimp Tempura w 3 Sauces

Cody: I really don’t know what river shrimps look like. The dish really was just prawns chopped into chunks battered and fried tempura style. The sauces made it different. I intermix the sauces and it was good, I love the heat that the jalapeno sauce gave.

Elle: tiny shrimp pieces cooked tempura style., the green were slightly wilted, the sauces were light and tastes great., which complimented the shrimp, a light fried dish.

Seafood Ramen

Cody: This was just an okay dish, lots of seafood, except for the small prawn that was only one. The ramen was big enough to be shared by 2 persons.

Elle: delightfully tasty with not to salty broth, ramen was chewy in the perfect way, had lots of “laman”, very very filling


The in house chef is said to be trained by the Famed NOBU, which is one of the pioneer of Neo-japanese cuisine..  We love new ways of sushi like the ones of Omakase and Sushi California. But the bottomline here is still great ingredients which this place has. Try it. They have a promo till August 15, wherein Nama Sakana card holders will get 50 percent discount on weekdays and 25 percent discount on weekends. 
Did we mention that service here was excellent:) 


  1. the house roll and tempura look good

  2. thanks for this post. i think i'll try to bring my family to this resto whenever we drop by greenhills area. that ramen looks like a must-try :D