Friday, April 1, 2011

Fleur De Lys - Tomas Morato

We always thought that the best dessert place in Quezon City is this little shop in Tomas Morato named Fleur de Lys. they have a lot of cakes.. mini ones and big ones and they also have coffee, tea and chocolate drinks.

Mango Waffle

Elle: Disappointing... I was expecting a fluffier, lighter, crispier and satisfying waffle knowing that this establishment is known for its desserts. Okay, maybe waffle is considered breakfast food but still...I was expecting something great. The waffle was soggy, heavy and had the after taste of flour and baking soda or powder (whichever one it was). It was made even soggier by the ice cream.

Cody: Well, i think ordering a waffle instead of a cake(which is what they are known for) was a mistake. Its was nice that the mangoes were ripe and not sour, the caramel sauce was also not overly sweet.. but the waffle itself was spongy and has no crispy exterior which was what i was looking for. the ice cream was store bought. I wish they would make their own.
We will stick to their cakes:)

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  1. Hello Elle and Cody. THis is Chef Jackie Ang Po of Fleur De Lys. I read your comments. THank you for bringing this to my attention. I did some research with my cooks ( i have a new cook )and i think he must have undercooked your waffle - hence the flour taste and the soggyness.

    Can you send me an email ? I'd like to get your info so i can tell my staff to replace your waffle next time you go to Fleur De Lys.

    Thank you for your constructive criticism without the "bashing"..hahah.. It's people like you who help us maintain the quality of our food. I have already corrected this mistake with our waffle. Talk to you soon!