Saturday, March 28, 2009

Chilly Willy - Mandaluyong Cty

Chilly Willys- Robinsons Place Pioneeer, Al Fresco Section

Mexican restaurants are really not that popular here in the metropolis, as compared to let’s say Los Angeles where they sprout like mushrooms. Here, there are only a few Mexican restaurants. Taco Bell, Mexicali, Agave and this new one called Chilly Willys,

Located at Robinsons Place Pioneer, this restaurant has already been featured in a couple of blogs and both were very happy with their experience here.

Cheese Stuffed Shrimps wrapped in bacon  w aioli dip P185:

Cody: The picture in the menu made me order this dish, thought it would be great being combination of my favorite food items Shrimp, Cheese and Bacon!! however the serving size was small, it was cooked as well as it was in the picture in the Menu.

Elle: Average in taste and presentation.  The shrimps were small and looked like they needed hydration.  Saving grace was the bacon.

Chicken and chorizo Enchilada 180 baked and stuffed with chicken and chorizo then topped with tomato and three cheese sauce .

Cody: THis was a very filling dish, i like the play of flavours by the combination of cheeses. THe chorizo overpowered the chicken here. 

Elle: I liked the thinness of the tortilla and the softness of the enchilada.  Would have been better with mashed beans. The rice was cooked well and it did not look like a big clump of mashed goods.

Because of the scarcity of Mexican Restaurants here in the metro, this place provide a new option. We would come back here, but i am looking forward to trying AGAVE's Chile Shrimp Relleno.. hehe

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  1. unfortunately chilly willy is close na :( but you're right, they have a couple of pretty good dishes