Wednesday, April 22, 2009

EL FAV Creamery - Pergola Mall BF Sucat Paranaque

Dessert places in Paranaque are very scarce. We were lucky to find this place in the 2nd floor of Pergola Mall here in Sucat. From the Makers of El Favorito ice cream, let us introduce theri ice cream store.This place is bright with a self service counter where you have to order by the counter and they wiill just bring your order to you. At each table there are little board games where you can play and entertain yourself and let time pass by.  You can have toppings for the ice cream that would cost little. There are free toppings available too.

Beer Ice Cream

Cody:  base ice cream that did taste like beer, I don’t like the nutty component though, but it was a good… not  so great rendition

Elle: It tasted like a bland, fizzed out and watered down beer.  The nuts made it seem like you immersed the pulutan in the beer which was not so good.    

Tequila  Rose Ice Cream:

Cody: now this was great. . This tasted like it has more alcoholic kick than the beer ice cream. Strawberry base with a hint of tequila.

Elle: This ice cream melted so fast and as it melted I realized how not so creamy it was. It was just okay, a cool alternative to your regular strawberry ice cream. 

Note: Elle: I tasted the Wasabi ice cream hoping it was as creamy as the Green Tea ice cream of Haagen Dazs but unfortunately it was as icy as a snow cone.  
The only similarity was the color.  I was very disheartened since Wasabi is one of my favorite condiment

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